Accident Of Birth

Accident of Birth is a magic of our stars. If fortune hits your Zodiac its the manoeuvre of your stars or it isn’t? I think lots would agree that they didn’t get to choose the Sperm and Ovum which fused to ignite life in them….( You got chance…Huh?). Over and above that I don’t know whether it qualifies to be mentioned still, your birth in a privelged family wasn’t an outcome of your industrious sperm race… (Could have been running in the fallopian tube of a lady working at brick kilns ?!)

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No… No!! Don’t get it wrong it’s not to judge your hardwork, innate abilities… (who am I to judge?). You might be putting all your blood and sweat into your dream but your sweet dream is wildest fantasy for many! They don’t have the liberty to put labour in a cherished aim (maybe not even the liberty to dream) since the labour of those children is just meant to make the ends meet.


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