Do not Worship her as Goddess, She demands emancipation as human!

Referred to as gentle sex,
Shackled with constructed lex.
A rebel to stumble the sexist hierarchy,
A warrior waging war against Patriarchy.
I’m a Woman!

Suffered ages of subjugation,
Turned too submissive to counter oppression.
Rights, opportunities, dignity, identity brutally throttled;
My wings slashed and desires bottled.

To dismantle walls confining my world,
Kicked up on heels and swirled my sword.
Discrimination, suppression, exploitation, physical assault;
If suffer any longer it would be my fault.

Crumble the womb if it bears a girl child.
Defend the rapists, “red-blooded youngster might have gone wild”.
Captivate to the domestic sphere, deprive of public presence,
Block all ways to emancipation, snatching books and pens.

Abash if dares to dream and defy the norms,
While glorify her sacrificing forms.
Rebel to shatter the society’s “ideal woman” paradigm,
It is high time!

Climb the confining walls and march with liberty’s sword,
Like for a cause incarnated lord.
Buoyant she must sour high,
Letting her mighty dreams fly, Shattering the limits of the sky!


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